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Patterns of the Cross


Add an intentional day of pause and reflection to your Lenten practices this year facilitated by internationally commissioned liturgical artist Karen Brodie Archibald. You can journey closely with Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane to resurrection joy in a 6 hour online retreat.


Over the course of seven years, Karen dedicated her Lenten seasons to creating fabric art designs in 14 Stations of the Cross. It has become a lifetime project which has changed her, as she intimately connected with Jesus on his way to the Cross. The reflections were generously written by clergy from ten different denominations, and cover a spectrum of theological basis, age, ministry experience and gender.  Remarkably, the authors find common ground in the Paschal Mystery: sacred pattern in life, death, and renewal. Karen was inspired from these reflections to draw and create an accessible devotional experience that draws us into the Lenten walk with Jesus. She contributes 14 original artist’s descriptions. The whole is uniquely compelling. 

Throughout the church season of Lent we take 40 days, like Jesus did, to walk the way of the cross, contemplating how we fall short of the life we would like to lead in love, as persons and as humanity, preparing for the resurrection of Easter.

The Stations of the Cross, a long Christian tradition, depict up to 14 events during Holy Week. They include images such as Christ carrying the cross or being laid in the tomb.


On March 2nd, 2024, Karen expands this profound devotional experience of walking with Jesus to offer her creative leadership in an online, one-day retreat via Zoom. Please send any questions to

About the Artist

Karen Brodie Archibald has been creating liturgical fabric art since early adulthood, for over 32 years. In particular, she manufactures an original line of clergy stoles and custom designs and constructs altar sets and banners for churches. Karen has a passion for using vibrant colour and fine, natural fabrics, infusing her designs with movement, grace and scriptural narrative. Her gifting includes listening to the story and vision of her church clients to make the faith journey accessible and relevant. Her art currently resides across North America and beyond.


She has exhibited her fabric art at the Art Gallery of Golden, Golden, B.C. and Pynelogs Gallery in Invermere, B.C., (in)finite: Textile Exhibition in Vancouver, 2017, The Craft of Spirit: BC Liturgical Textiles, currently running at Il Centro, Burnaby, B.C.

Pricing & Registration

We all come with different financial situations. The following tiers are offered for the cost of attending “Patterns of the Cross”. The retreat experience is the same for all attending, regardless of which price you can afford. Your choice is not shared with other attendees. Prices include tax (where applicable).

Canadian residents: ticket prices are available in CAD via this Eventbrite link

Supportive - $290 USD

For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to not only help offset the cost for those who need it, but support the artist as a patron would.

Standard - $240 USD

For those with sufficient financial resources who can pay fair value for the experience.

Supported - $40 USD

For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from a below-cost registration. Fixed priced.

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“[Karen's] work is a treasure.”

Rev. Anne Privett, St Andrew’s in the Mission, Kelowna, B.C

Read more about the experiences of Karen's work:
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