These pieces of large-scale fabric art are looking for a home in your residence or office. It is incredibly hard to put a price on one-of-kind, handmade, original art, which is why I'm now opening up this contemporary art for bids. Under each art piece description, you will find the materials cost, plus the time it took to make the piece. If you like what you see, please email me and we can chat about your bid.

They are shipped using courier from Canada (not through Canada Post) and can be in most places in North America by Christmas if purchased by December 6th. This art is made with fine fabrics and should be installed away from direct light and flame.


This is the design that brought me to this form of contemporary art. In love with the narcissus that blooms each spring out of the snow and muddy earth, I wanted to see of I could colour block something so subtle. Making such a big piece of art made it possible to do. It has a never ending joyfulness to it!

ART SIZE: 4' wide x 4.5' tall

MATERIALS USED: Fabric Applique, 90% natural fibres


LABOUR: 75.5 Hours 


This little piece of lake could be our favourite lake anywhere. The horizontal ripples juxtaposed by the vertical reeds just sing out with the glossy glare of the lake’s surface. The cream coloured silk used to form this surface is the perfect fabric to translate a gentle, silky feel.

ART SIZE: 66" wide x 28" tall

MATERIALS USED: Fabric Applique, 100% natural fibres


LABOUR: 46 Hours

"Forest Floor"

Inspired by Cathedral Grove Park and all the amazing areas of British Columbia that hold huge old trees and dense undergrowth – from the Lower Mainland to Revelstoke to the North Coast. I love how the sun filters through and selectively acts like a spotlight on the ferns and moss on trees. The  challenge was finding a black fabric that didn’t look quite so much like a black object, but a black space.  This fabric has a grey or white overtone to it that does the job nicely.

ART SIZE: 3' wide x 3' tall

MATERIALS USED: Fabric Applique, 90% natural fibres


LABOUR: 48.5 Hours

"Lakeshore Sentries"

I have always wanted to use rocks at a shoreline in fabric art – during the winter when they have those lovely hats of snow on – so amazing! These lakeshore sentries are also from a lake in winter, but in north west British Columbia where the lake was not frozen, nor was there snow at this point. But the water has a very still quality to it, and the light on the rocks very low.

ART SIZE: 4' wide x 4' tall

MATERIALS USED: Fabric Applique, 90% natural fibres

"Snow Laden Branches 1, 2 & 3"

One recent November, Golden had a stunning snowfall. The snow was everywhere, in every nook and cranny, and very deep. The trees were something else. I couldn’t stop drawing a group of trees near my home when the light kept changing from moment to moment. Part of the challenge of this series is to see the colours that are actually presented to us by nature, not just what our brain tells us we see; trees = green or snow= white. When the snow stops falling and the sky has that heavy but bright look, is it grey or this lovely full, creamy colour? When the moon is still up the morning after and the whole world is beginning to lighten, what colour pink is the sky? And when the sun comes gloriously out to reveal what the storm has brought, and all is fresh and new, what shade are the tips of the trees and snow? The sky? What shapes do they make against each other?

1- Early morning pink sky with the moon still up.

2- Bright cloudy sky after the snowfall. 

3- The sky cleared and the snow reflected the brilliance of the sun.

ART SIZE: 2' wide x 6' tall. Set of three images. Available individually or as a set.

MATERIALS USED: Fabric Applique, 90% natural fibres

MATERIAL COST: $140 each

LABOUR: 35.5 Hours each

"Early Snow by the River"

Just the way other pieces in this series could be our backyard, most North Americans can also identify with the cottonwood beside a river. It is hard not to be inspired by the season’s first snowfall and this hanging depicts just that. I wanted to find the magic in the little clumps of snow settling on the branches. The line in the background is the edge of the river delineating where the snow falls on the riverbank and stays, and where the snow falls on the slow moving, yet to be frozen, reflective river.

ART SIZE: 6' wide x 4' tall

MATERIALS USED: Fabric Applique, 100% natural fibres


LABOUR: 72.5 Hours

MAINTENANCE & CARE: Karen Brodie art may be brushed if dusty with a lint brush. Art is dry-cleanable. Contact the artist for cleaning suggestions if stained. Art is best hung away from direct sunlight.