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Welcome! In our online shop, you will discover clergy stoles for each of the liturgical seasons, also great for ordination, baptism, Eucharist, etc. We design with appropriate symbols and vivid colors, making a variety of clergy stoles to add faithful meaning to your vestment needs. Our goal is to offer a line of contemporary, comfortable, unique, handmade pieces of art to add to the liturgical depth of Christian festivals and church seasons.


Please be advised that our shipping carrier is experiencing delays due to staffing illness from COVID-19. Please allow more time and be patient. Use the tracking number sent to you for updates after product has been shipped.


Priest stoles or scarves are made to hang around the neck with a slight curve and display a design on the front of the body as they hang down straight from the shoulders. Karen Brodie’s signature designs always visually carry the design between both sides of the stole and are meant to be hung equally on either side.


Deacon's stoles are worn diagonally across the body from the left shoulder and attach at the right hip. All of our clerical stoles can be worn as a Priest stole without modification OR as a Deacon’s stole with a hook or tie added upon request (no extra cost). If your ministry needs will change from Deacon to Ordained Clergy, the hook or tie can be removed. Vocational Deacon's stoles can be handcrafted to fit you alone (from the above designs or your ideas). Email for a quote. Both beautifully compliment official religious vestments and existing church altar antependia. 


Our clerical stoles are produced from an assortment of natural fabrics; especially wool, silk, linen and cotton. They provide rich colors and durable fabrics. They are dry-cleanable and flammable. The fabric art style of hand-crafted, appliqué stitching results in meticulously detailed decoration on the stoles. Some variations occur in the fabrics which are in the nature of natural fibres. We choose some fabrics especially for their textural irregularities.


The lining of the stole is made of cotton so that it does not slide around. The lining colour may not match the front exactly, but is chosen to blend, and not stand out as you move during worship. Almost all of our stoles have the same pattern width (with the exception of ‘Vine and Branches - The Growing Edge’) but we have developed the pattern over 30 years and now accommodate 3 different lengths for various preferences. Clergy stoles  generally fall 6-10” above the hem of your alb as you prefer but you will have to choose based on your practice of wearing a chasuble, an academic gown, or simply a suit. Please note all lengths posted are measured from the base of your back neck. Chaplain lengths are available upon special request.

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