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Clergy stole for the seasons of Christmas, Easter, high festivals and celebrations of Eucharist.



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"Empty Cross, Full of Life"

  • This design is part of the ‘Cross Series’, a line of stoles with a cross as its focus. In thinking of Easter particularly, the idea of the Empty Cross has stayed with me for several years. There have been many attempts to get this design right. Finally, I believe a design has come which is worthy of the most festive of our church seasons – the celebrations of Easter and Christmas and the feast of the Eucharist.

    Christmas is the mass of the Messiah coming into the world – God alive and visible in human form. At Easter we once again celebrate this human Jesus who was crucified, yet has come alive and visible once again! Jesus hangs no more upon this cross - the tomb is empty!  But the meaning it all brings has so much more potential than we can even grasp: fullness, wholeness, divine relationship, part of the sacred dance of death and reconciliation… Each time we partake of the Lord’s Supper, we celebrate God alive in ourselves. These moments and seasons show us God’s ways of life, death and life beyond death.

    This stole design is an attempt to show the brilliance and depth of the pattern described above. With the brilliance of a star at it’s center, and rays of light – white, yellow, and gold - radiating out of the cross, we have no doubt this is a celebration of the highest magnitude. The grapes and wheat silhouettes depict the Eucharist as part of this heavenly, holy feast.

    In the dark purple cross you can also see a reference to Christ being the cornerstone. Old and New Testaments refer to Christ being the cornerstone of our faith. The corner stone of any structure is the basis of a sure foundation, the pivotal piece we should build around. The celebrations of Christmas, Easter and communion all center around the life of Christ.


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