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Clerical Stole for Pentecost, Ordination and Baptism



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This stole is available with a white base instead of red. See separate product listing.

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"Borne By The Spirit" - RED

  • In Acts we read the story of Pentecost when Jesus’ disciples waited for the fulfillment of the promise that Jesus would be with them always. Suddenly in the rush of a mighty wind, flames appeared, hovering over each of them. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and could not only speak many languages, but received the gift of understanding one another. This is the beginning of the New Covenant and the church. It is such an amazing celebration of God with us as Spirit, changing the way we understand our accessibility to God our Creator, and Jesus - God's son (Emmanuel) - who was with us in person. We are invited into this process of death and resurrection, with the promise being born anew over and over as we live with this Holy Spirit.


    The Book of John uses the words “born of water and the spirit”. Celebrating Pentecost includes all times when we mark the outward and visible sign of a divine inward newness and change like baptism and ordination. These moments are special and life-changing and this stole shows the life and mystery in those moments. This design also goes on to try to capture being carried by the Spirit at all times. The Holy Spirit is promised as an advocate, sustainer, guide, comforter, wisdom, witness, spirit of life, revealer, intercessor, indweller and teacher. In short, this Spirit of God bears us. As we live our life in Christ daily, beyond special awe-filled moments, we find ourselves being borne, carried in ways we could never have asked or imagined. A gift worthy of celebration indeed!


    The lines of water and flames surge upward, encircling, buoying, and carrying the dove, a symbol of the Spirit of God, They symbolize the bearing of us too in an active, life giving relationship.


    This stole uses many different types of silk, the shiny side showing in red flame.


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