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Clergy stole for Ordinary Time or Season after Pentecost


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"Vine & Branches - The Growing Edge"

SKU: 0002
  • “Vine and Branches – the Growing Edge”

    Stole design for season of Ordinary Time 

    c. 2012

    “I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit. Jesus said, Make your home in me. He used the image of the vine and the branches to emphasize that the same life that surges through all parts of the plant is similar to the life of God that surges through our being. God is no longer just out there.God is also here within us. The spirit of Jesus lives on in our own bodily temples. We have become the home of God”.*

    This imagery written by Joyce Rupp is so full of action and momentum. She goes on to compare our veins to the vascular cells of the plant – the spirit of God running through a vine is like our very veins pulsing with God. If we thirst for God, nourish The Spirit within ourselves, and be open to the growth to come, we cannot help but sprout new life, take on new cells, reach for a new light and find a new growing edge in our lives. 

    Ordinary Time is a season when we can focus on our own spiritual journeys. We can take the good news that the Spirit of God is everywhere and take it to heart. We can slow down enough to feel God’s loving energy in our very vein pulsing and sustaining us.

    I have attempted to capture these ideas visually.  The vine is a solid and root-bound plant. The growing edge of the vine is a wondrous and energy-filled place of new life. How amazing that we can tap into this love and connectedness as a branch to its vine.

    *Inspired by “The Cup of Our Life” by Joyce Rupp

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