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Clerical Stole for Pentecost, Palm Sunday, Saint’s Days Ordination, Confirmation


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"Ruach - The Breath of God"

SKU: 0007
  • Pentecost and Pentecost moments of our lives are such life-giving, life-filling moments. Ordination, Confirmations, Baptisms and the like are times when the Holy Spirit descends on us in what feels like a rush of a mighty wind lifting us and making us feel courageous and strong in our faith journeys. The Breath of God – or Ruach in the Hebrew language –fills us and makes us feel alive in Spirit and in love.  Ruach also means Spirit or wind.


    We are so surrounded by Pentecost images of fire and doves that the breath or winds of God blowing through the story are often overlooked. I have used it here that we might re-imagine the imagery and have access to the Holy Spirit in a slightly different way. In this sense the stole becomes more accessible for other ‘red’ days, or at least does not focus on traditional symbolism. The miracle of Pentecost is that The Holy Spirit of God is available to us every day.


    The cross used is the Cross Crosslet* to symbolize the Spirit of God available to all, in all languages, throughout the world. May the Spirit of God always grant us the miracle of understanding one another.


    Since the Holy Spirit is made manifest at Pentecost, it is a time when we generally think more about the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity. The circle surrounding the cross has three colours in dark green, light green and white to remind us of the Trinity. 


    The ‘Breath of God’ or depiction of a wind blowing uses various shades of light green, blue and teal as well as whites and a see-thru white silk organza.


    As part of the Cross Series, a cross will be sewn in to the back neck of the stole.


    *I understand that some may need to share ‘red’ vestments over the many ‘red’ days in the liturgical church year even though meanings and symbols are different. A Jerusalem Cross may be substituted for the Cross Crosslet, especially if this stole is intended to be used for Palm Sunday, which the deeper red will allow. When a Jerusalem Cross has been used we are taken from the events of Holy Week, through Easter and a focus on Jesus, beyond to the day of Pentecost when Jesus send the Holy Spirit to be available to us when He is gone. The cross is dark red or burgundy for its reference to Holy Week.

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