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Clergy Stole for Pentecost


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"Falling Into Flame"

SKU: 0005
  • During Pentecost we recall the familiar story of The Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples as fire. We know that this represents the presence of the Holy Spirit with the disciples on the day of Pentecost and to us all, every day.

    We accept this theory so readily that we seldom remember that the idea of God dwelling with us is one of the most radical claims of the New Testament. We just know God is with us. 

    We must remember to live with God's presence; to trust it, to respect it, to be patient with it, to seek it, to find it, to give it freedom to work, and to love it. We are not called to be disciples of God to remember a day of Pentecost many years ago. We are called to be living, breathing disciples; leaping into, falling into, walking with, embracing the flame of the Spirit. God is there with us, in the jumping and the falling.*

    This design for Pentecost illustrates the emotion of the above idea of falling with God's presence and grace, The Holy Spirit, into God's waiting arms. The dove descends and falls.

    The cross at the bottom is a stylized form of the Y cross or fork cross. It symbolized the expectant soul, gazing aloft with outstretched arms. We embrace God, and allow God to embrace us. Further, the Y cross is a symbol of the Trinity with three parts, all equal and one. Trinity Sunday is part of the season of Pentecost.

    *Inspired by "Things Seen and Unseen" by Nora Gallagher.

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